Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Jump into the 3D GIS world: Easy WorldWind Starter for Eclipse

  • download WorldWind SDK
  • extract
  • start Eclipse
  • create project named My3DStarter
  • copy content of the to project folder (my3D)
  • check for reference libraries. There should be at least: jogl.jar, gluegen-rt.jar, plugin.jar, gdal.jar
...and that's all. Now play with plenty of examples from the package gov.nasa.worldwindx.examples

You may consider to start with HelloWorldWind and ApplicationTemplate.

To start your own application it is good idea to use ApplicationTemplate as a starter:
  • create new Java Class (test.ww3d.MyApp) and copy source code from ApplicationTemplate Class
  • rename package name and class name as it was originally named
  • change the main method -> MyApp("Up and running :-)", AppFrame.class);
  • add import -> import gov.nasa.worldwindx.examples.*; (or if you want you can add one line for each class that is actually needed)
  • run it!

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