Saturday, April 21, 2012

Check Your Oracle Spatial Tables

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Here are few helpful SQL statements. You can use it when you migrate or create new Oracle database with spatial tables.

In the case when select statement return some rows there is something wrong with your spatial tables. First statement checks for missing metadata, second checks missing spatial indexes and the third checks index validity.

Keep in mind that these queries sometimes are not sufficient to prove that everything is OK with your spatial database or spatial data definition. For example you can have invalid entries in tables related to the definition of spatial reference system (if you are using custom SRID for your spatial data).

Anyway, these posted queries can help you in many cases to detect errors related to migration or creation of spatial tables. The check is performed for all database users (schemas). If you have some restriction, run these queries as a system or sys user.. or some other user that have privileges to execute select statements on all required tables.

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-- to get all spatial tables without entry in user_sdo_metadata view
select geomet.sdo_owner, geomet.sdo_table_name, geomet.sdo_column_name,
    atbl.owner, atbl.table_name, atbl.column_name
    from mdsys.sdo_geom_metadata_table geomet, all_tab_cols atbl   
        where geomet.sdo_owner       (+)  = atbl.owner
        and geomet.sdo_table_name    (+)  = atbl.table_name
        and geomet.sdo_column_name   (+)  = atbl.column_name
        and geomet.sdo_owner              is null
        and geomet.sdo_table_name         is null
        and geomet.sdo_column_name        is null
        and atbl.data_type_owner       =  'MDSYS'  
        and atbl.data_type             =  'SDO_GEOMETRY'
        and atbl.owner                != 'MDSYS';
-- to get all missing spatial indexes
select alic.index_owner, alic.table_name, alic.column_name, 
    atbl.owner, atbl.table_name, atbl.column_name
    from  all_ind_columns alic, all_tab_cols atbl
        where alic.index_owner     (+)  = atbl.owner
        and   alic.table_name      (+)  = atbl.table_name
        and   alic.column_name     (+)  = atbl.column_name
        and   alic.index_owner          is null
        and   alic.table_name           is null
        and   alic.column_name          is null
        and   atbl.data_type_owner   =  'MDSYS'  
        and   atbl.data_type         =  'SDO_GEOMETRY'
        and   atbl.owner            !=  'MDSYS';
--to check spatial index validity
select alin.owner, alin.table_name, alin.status, 
    alin.domidx_status, alin.domidx_opstatus
    from  all_indexes alin
        where (alin.index_type        = 'DOMAIN'  
           and alin.ityp_name         = 'SPATIAL_INDEX' 
           and alin.table_name not like '%$%')
        and   (alin.status           != 'VALID' 
           or  alin.domidx_status    != 'VALID' 
           or  alin.domidx_opstatus  != 'VALID');

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